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Welcome to the FAST team!

Welcome to the Insight RAISE  team! We are here to help support you!

The Retention and Academic Intuitive Support Experts (RAISE) provide academic assistance, encouragement, and support to students and learning coaches when such support/assistance is requested or deemed necessary to achieve academic success in the virtual school environment. The goal is to identify the root issue that is prohibiting the student from being successful in school, provide targeted support to build relationships and bring about success and engagement. The RAISE team empowers students to overcome challenges—be they academic, social, emotional, medical, or otherwise—to succeed in school and beyond. This holistic approach includes early intervention, support services, and linking families to school and community based resources. RAISE members and teachers work with families to provide the extra help needed to enable students to stay motivated and on track. Data drives decision making. Data is analyzed throughout the referral process to monitor individual student progress and program efficacy.

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Who We Are

RAISE Program Philosophy

We believe every student is unique. This means not only should instruction be unique but so should our support systems. All students and families deserve to have a support system in school that helps them strive for excellence, while developing the tools and skills to achieve their goals. The RAISE program prides itself on this philosophy, and the core belief of individualized support based on the unique needs of every family and student. The RAISE team meets families where they are now, and helps them grow in accountability and academics. The RAISE team works with school staff, the learning coach, and students to holistically build the skills needed to move forward and support the students journey through our school.



How the RAISE program started:

The RAISE program was established to help address some of the challenges families face in our unique school environment. The RAISE team is here to help support students and families experiencing unique challenges including homelessness, illness, low progress, truancy, etc. We also recognized some families face other types of challenges in which extra support can make all the difference, including organizing their students' workflow, schooling day-to-day, etc. The RAISE program provides support to current students through student support requests. Additionally, we support incoming students through our strong start program, to ensure students get a positive start to our school.



Who We Are
RAISE Introductory Videos

We want you to get to know our RAISE team! Please click on the video links below to watch short videos introducing you to our support team!

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Lead: Briette Peterson

RS-  Rachelle Maclver


Lead: Jaime Forrest


AGA - Jade Robsertson

Profile Pic.jpg

RS _  Jeannie Sheffield

ERC - Wendi Smith

SFC - Leah Savage

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.28.15 PM.png

AGA - Anica Garcia


SCC- Leahndrah Carrillo

Fast Facts


The RAISE team offers the following support to students and families throughout the school year:

RAISE  Program Overview

Strong Start:

During open enrollment periods, the RAISE team offers Strong Start support to all new and some returning families to help them prepare for the school year. During these periods we offer orientation sessions, open office hours, and guidance to our new families through live Blackboard Collaborate sessions, personalized phone calls, as well as helpful emails.

Student Support Requests:

Student support requests are submitted by Academic Advisors, RAISE members, as well as administration, when a student or family can benefit from extra help and support to become engaged within our school. These requests can be assigned to any role within the RAISE team, that would best serve the students and families needs. There are certain requirements for families to meet when they are working with our team through a student support request.

Back on Track Plans:

Back on Track Plans (BOTP) are positive support techniques to allow our students to find academic success through organized task completion. BOTPs are provided by the Academic Growth Advocate (AGA). Students must complete BOTPs provided to them, within the outlined timeline, to stay compliant in our program.

RAISE Tier System:

The RAISE team utilizes a tiered system to help students through our program to ensure students are staying compliant, and to provide academic supports as needed. The tier system gives RAISE team members, school staff, and our families the opportunity to increase or decrease the supports based on where the student is in the tiered system.

RAISE Team Members:

Student and Family Champion

Student Champion Clerk

Retention Specialist

Academic Growth Advocate

Bilingual RAISE Engagement Coach

Engagement and Resource Coordinator


Insight School of California:

High School Lead Teacher

50 Moreland Road,

Simi Valley CA 93065



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