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The Family Academic Support Team (FAST) provides academic assistance, encouragement, and support to students and learning coaches when such support/assistance is requested or deemed necessary to achieve academic success in the virtual school environment. The goal is to identify the root issue that is prohibiting the student from being successful in school, provide targeted support to build relationships and bring about success and engagement. The FAST team empowers students to overcome challenges—be they academic, social, emotional, medical, or otherwise—to succeed in school and beyond. This holistic approach includes early intervention, support services, and linking families to school and community based resources. FAST members and teachers work with families to provide the extra help needed to enable students to stay motivated and on track. Data drives decision making. Data is analyzed throughout the referral process to monitor individual student progress and program efficacy.

FAST Lead: Briette Peterson

CL  _  Heather Raposo

CL -  Rachelle Maclver

FASL - Taylor Barter

FRL - Leah Savage

ERC - Wendi Smith

FASL - Sammie Matthews

FEC-  Janine Terrazas


Fast Program Overview

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